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More Truth From Vic's Carpet Cleaning Encinitas:

Rent A Machine & Do My Own Carpet Cleaning:

Can I do my own carpet cleaning with one of those portable carpet cleaners I can rent? Sure, but DO YOU REALLY WANT TO?  Those portable carpet cleaners are great at dumping soap; water into your carpet but not so good at getting it out. So, you’ll probably leave your carpet full of soap & water, primed for rapid resoiling. Usually a bad idea. But if you must, here’s how, (still not a great idea). Don’t put their soap in the machine. Spray the soap with a sprayer on all the dirty areas first, then clean with clear water in the machine in an attempt to rinse the soap out. You’ll still leave a lot behind but its better than the other way. Still not good enough for your home environment. Please let a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner do it. Yes it will cost more up-front but in the end you’re much better off. Your carpets will last longer, look better longer and be healthier.

Why do some carpet spots come back?

There are 2 reasons. Usually it happens as a result of large amounts of liquid spilling onto your rug. When that liquid hits your carpet, some is soaked into the fiber and the rest sinks down into the bottom of the rug. If there is enough it can sink all the way into the backing, padding, even to the sub-floor.

Carpet cleaning islimited to cleaning the top fibers of your carpet. If we try to go below that we risk over wetting & making the problem worse.No carpet cleaning method cleans deeper than truck mounted hot water extraction but we don’t even approach, (and better not), the pad or sub-floor or even the backing or bottom of your carpet. So the offending liquid remains and through capillary action, wicks it way back up the fiber. Even if the liquid was clear & invisible it will usually be sticky and as you walk over it, dirt from your shoes & dust from the air is attracted to it and the spot reappears.

The 2nd reason spots reappear also involves liquids hitting your carpet. This time though the liquid is so oily, (salad dressings, etc.) that one carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning can’t break it down completely & some of it remains to attract dirt, making the spot reappear. In both cases it’s not really the carpet cleaners fault. Some carpet cleaning companies offer to come back to clean any spots that reappear, usually though they charge much more than we do. We don't come back a 2nd time for free because our initial charge is not nearly as high as those who do. If you would like us to, please notify us before we start and we’ll add a little to the price giving you that added protection.

How often should I have carpet & upholstery cleaning done?

That obviously depends on your lifestyle. Pets, young children, allowing eating & drinking on your carpet, not taking off your shoes before entering are all factors. If your carpet appears really dirty you’ve waited too long. Dirt left on the rug gets ground in as you walk on it and literally grinds the color out. That’s why traffic areas often don’t seem to clean up as well. It’s not that they’re still dirty, but they’re worn and worn fibers look dirty because they appear dull or gray. For most families carpet cleaning 1 to 2 times per year should suffice.

What are those dark lines along the edges of my carpet?

This type of soiling is called Filtration. It comes from air passing through the carpet as it is attempting to get through the crack between the carpet and baseboard or underneath closed doors and drapes. As the air passes along it deposits microscopic airborne particles, usually carbon based, that nestle into your carpet. Your carpet is actually acting like an air filter and this soiling is almost impossible to remove because it's so fine and embeds it self into the dye sites of your carpet. Sometimes we can improve it but it is usually something you have to live with to a degree.

How long will it take my carpet to dry?

This depends on how soiled it is, pile thickness, ventilation, proximity to beaches, lagoons, etc. Also humidity is a key factor.   You can speed up the process by leaving your windows open and turning on all fans.   Normally a carpet should take between 12 to 24 hours to dry unless it is extremly soiled or you live in a damp, humid area.  Then it can take longer.That's the somple truth and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Carpet cleaners will tell you whatever they think you want to hear. I will only tell you the truth whether I think it's what you wan to hear or not.