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Truth About Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Cleanerscarpet cleaning truth

Aren’t they all the same?

You must realize that carpet cleaning is not like buying a television or any other product. Products, if they are identical models, are the same no matter where you buy them. So sure, shop around, find the best price and buy there. You’ve gotten a good deal.

Carpet cleaning isn’t like that & carpet cleaners aren’t all the same. Carpet cleaning, the actual job you get, can vary a lot. You could actually pay one carpet cleaner more but get a better deal. How? The first, cheaper carpet cleaner or carpet cleaning service, could do a lousy job, especially, if he isn’t being paid reasonably for his work. He can rush through it, soaking & not adequately drying your carpet, use harsh, toxic, inexpensive detergents & end up hurting you & your furnishings. While the second carpet cleaner who’s being paid properly will take his time, use premium quality detergents, that cost more, but are designed to clean well, be non-toxic and prevent rapid resoiling, leaving your home in a much cleaner and healthier state. Which one do you want in your home? The cheap guy or the one who’s adequately paid.

carpet cleaning encintasThe Most Important Factor In Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Service:

Carpet cleaning companies & carpet cleaners love to brag about their super methods, equipment, knowledge & experience. While all those factors can make a difference, they don't always. By far the most important factor in carpet & furniture cleaning is, how much time will the carpet cleaner take to do the job? Just because he knows how, has a great method & equipment doesn't mean he'll take the time to actually do a good job.

For instance, will he stop to individually treat the spots that don't come out while cleaning?  How many different spotters will he try before he gives up & assumes that it's a permanent stain? How much time will he take to dry the carpet? There are many factors that go into a great carpet cleaning job, all of which involve time. Again just because he knows how to do a good job & he's equipped to do so, doesn't mean he will take the time to do it.
After all everyone is in a hurry these days and the faster he goes the more he makes. So what can buyers of carpet cleaning services do to assure themselves of getting a good carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning job. It's mostly a matter of trust. You need to trust that the cleaner will take the time to do it right.

But how can you trust someone you don't know. It's hard. So the best thing you can do is to hire a carpet cleaning company that's owner operated. That means the owner actually goes out & does the job.  It's much more likely that the owner will take the time because he has a lot more at stake, his name, reputation, etc, than an hourly paid employee, who is really only there for 10 or 15 dollars an hour or whatever he's paid.   I am an owner operated carpet cleaning company. I do all the carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning and everything else.  Please call me & I will prove what I say.

Any 3 Rooms Plus Hall Cleaning 19.95
Clean Your Whole House Carpet Cleaning For 89.95
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We’ve all seen these carpet cleaning ads. Are they legitimate? Should you call them? If you do prepare for an argument because they have no intention of coming to your home for $20.00 or cleaning the carpet in your entire house for 89.00. How can they, those prices don’t even come close to covering their costs

These are the bait & switchers. They are unscrupulous. They tell you one thing in an ad or on the phone, but when they’re in your home it’s a different story. They’ll want to charge you extra for any little thing that legitimate carpet cleaners include in their price. Often their final price is more than an honest carpet cleaner would have charged to start.

So how do they get away with it?   Imagine, you’ve booked your carpet cleaning job. You’re really looking forward to it. The day comes & you’ve worked to ready yourself & your home, and in they come with their story. Often times people will let them have their way because they need to have it done & the time they’ve spent getting ready. Those who don’t have an argument and hopefully ask them to leave. It happens everyday.   Also these carpet cleaners always use inferior equipment & detergents. That’s how they operate. You don’t want them in your home!   More.